Dogs and Cats:

Basic Cat Sitting Visit – $25 (Includes up to three cats)

Basic Dog Sitting Visit – $30 (Includes up to two dogs)

Additional Cats – $3 each

Additional Dogs – $5 each

Services include feeding, walking, playtime, litter box cleaning, and your pets basic needs.


Basic Horse Sitting Visit – $30 (Includes two horses, routine feed and water)

Additional Horses – $5 each

Manure Cleanup: Each Horse – additional $10/visit/horse.  (Typical 12×12 stall area). Larger areas priced individually.

Other Pets and Livestock:

Priced at free initial consultation.

Additional Services and Fees:

Out of Service Area – $1.00/Mile  (over 20 miles one way)

Additional walking, exercise, medication applications etc – Priced at consultation based on your needs.

*Prices may be adjusted based on additional needs beyond the services included in the basic pet sitting visits. A final guaranteed price will be set at your free consultation.

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